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Investor Questionnaire

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  • Welcome to the Investor Questionnaire!

  • Thank you for your interest in Utah Global Investments.

    The questionnaire that follows will help us collect all the information we need to help you immigrate to the United States through the EB-5 program.

    As a Regional Center we are careful to work with investors who qualify as accredited investors, and who understand the risks and speculative nature of EB-5 investments. We also make every effort to comply with U.S. securities laws.

    Providing complete and comprehensive information in this questionnaire will help us achieve those goals together with you.

    If you do not have all the information requested, you can save your progress in the questionnaire and return to finish when it is convenient.

    If you have any questions during this questionnaire, please call us directly at (801) 356-0407, or send us a message using the form found on our contact page.

    By continuing with the questionnaire, you understand that you will be providing personal information that will be used to evaluate your eligibility for investments provided through UGI as part of the EB-5 program. You also agree to our website terms of service and privacy policy.